Interesting facts- Computer

  1. The information copied or moved from one place to another in a computer is called? (Frequently asked in exams)

Ans :- Clipboard

  1. Footnote v/s Endnote
  • Footnote a term used to describe additional information at the bottom of the PAGE
  • Endnote a term used to describe additional information at the End of the DOCUMENT
  1. MS-Word automatically checks spelling and grammatical errors through:
  • Red underline – indication for spelling error
  • Green underline – indication for grammatical error
  1. What is a Primary key?

Ans: – A field or group of fields that uniquely identify records in a table. (Every table has only one primary key and it can never be a null value)

  1. Important abbreviations:
  • VDU– Visual Display Unit
  • CRT– Cathode Ray Tube
  • DNS– Domain Name System
  1. What are the 3 parts / components of a CPU?

Ans:- cpu

(a) Arithmetic Logic Unit (ALU)

(b) Control unit (CU)

(c) Memory unit (MU) or Main Memory

  • Among these, (a) & (b) are considered to be the two main components

7.What is the name of the first commercially available computer?

Ans :- UNIVAC 1 i.e. Universal Automatic Computer and was introduced in 1951

  1. The microprocessor utilized in today’s PC and Laptops were produced using which technology?

Ans :- LSI technology – Large Scale Integration

  1. Multics is an example of? (Frequently asked in various exams)                                 

Ans :-  Operating System

  1. Important abbreviations:
  • EDP– Electronic Data Processing
  • PROM – Programmable Read Only Memory
  1. Sequence of steps performed by CPU to convert input into output is known as?

Ans :- Fetch-execute Cycle or Instruction Cycle

  1. Decision making operations are performed by which part of the CPU?

Ans :- ALU Arithmetic Logic Unit

  1. Small memory Locations responsible for holding the data to be processed, are called?

Ans :- Data Registers

  1. Who is known as the First Computer Programmerada-lovelace-first-computer-programmer-babbage-difference-engine.jpg

Ans :-  Lady Lovelace

  1. Important Abbreviations :-
  • URL Uniform Resource Locator
  • USB Universal Serial Bus
  • UPS Uninterruptible Power Supply (IBPS CLERK 2016)

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