Interesting Facts about Computer

Following are some Important facts about computer which will help you to learn computer  easily    :-

1.A device used as an auxiliary power supply or battery backup? (IBPS CLERK 2016)

Ans: – UPS i.e. Uninterruptible Power Supply

  1. Another name for Floppies which are used to read and store information?

Ans: – Diskettes

  1. A mistake in an algorithm which causes incorrect results is which type of error?

Ans: – Logical error

  1. The largest unit of computer memory till date?

Ans: – Yottabyte (YB)

  1. The two most common forms of user interface?

Ans :- i) CLI – Command Line Interface   ii) GUI – Graphical User Interface

    6. MS-DOS, one of the popular operating system is an abbreviation for?

Ans: – Microsoft – Disc Operating System

  1. Pressing the restart button while the computer is ‘on’ is known as?

Ans: – Warm Boot

  1. What is the origin of Linux as an OS and an example of open source software?

Ans: – The name ‘LINUX’ comes from the Linux kernel originally written by Linus                  Thorvald

  1. The term ‘BUG’ means what in computer?

Ans: – A Bug is a Coding Error which causes Wrong result.

  1. What does RPG stand for?

Ans: – Report Program Generator(MS – ACCESS is one of its examples.)

  1. The input device mouse was invented by whom?

Ans: – Douglas Engelbert

  1. The First operational Computer network in the world was?


  1. Device that performs modulation process / operations is called?

Ans: – MODEM i.e. Modulator-Demodulator (Modulation is the process of changing                     analog signals to digital & Vice-versa)

  1. Who is known as the father of e-mail?

Ans: – Ray Tomlinson    (In 1971, he created the first e-mail application)

  1. World Wide Web was developed by whom and in which year? (Frequently asked question in various exams)

Ans: – March 1989, Tim Berners-Lee

  Thank you for reading . Keep learning & Do share it.


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